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Kazooky Buzz Pages are your price competitive answer to quickly promoting your business, services and offers.

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What Some Of Our Clients Say

  • I have been impressed working with the Kazooky team. The results have been great and I am looking forward to further improvements.

    Ritchie Yip
    Ritchie Yip Owner, Infighting Training Centres
  • "These Kazooky Buzz Pages have revolutionized the way I market my real estate listings. My listings sell faster and they help me acquire new clients."

    Willi Isaak
    Willi Isaak Award Winning Real Estate Agent
  • "Kazooky had my website ranked on the front page of Google within a week of the website going live. It helped me close a large deal within a month."

    Peter Spotzl
    Peter Spotzl Owner, Metal and Wood Products

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Get started with a free review of your requirements and Online goals.

For Businesses and Entrepreneurs -

The ideal way to give your business, new product or promotion that initial push of momentum.

Rather than gettting bogged down in lengthy website discussions, development and costs, start selling immediately.

For real estate agents -

Are you looking for a marketing tool that can make you stand out from the crowd? Check out our dynamic and fresh way to market your listings and a selling tool to help you close more deals. - For Restaurants.

You will significantly increase your online business when you add our online food ordering Buzz Page.

Instantly add online ordering, online payments and a mobile app to manage everything. All at a single, monthly flat price.

One flat monthly fee - no percentage taken.


By connecting to Google you will increase your ranking on both organic rankings and on the Google maps. Your products and services will be highlighted in the Google results which means more clicks from people looking for your service.


To really set fire to your new buzz page, add some promotion. We can blast your buzz page across social media, have it at the top of Google or use it to promote the repution of your business.


You may have specific goals for your new buzz page. Maybe it is awareness, capturing leads or you are using it as your website. In any case, you can add specific features that can help you reach your goals.


By understanding your data you can understand your customers. When you understand your customers you are able to refine your message for a higher appeal which means more customers and sales.


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